Portuguese Water Dog

photo by luvmycrows

Portuguese Water Dogs are considered to be hypoallergenic though they do shed a little.  This dog breed does not have an undercoat that sheds, which is what people with allergies have a problem with.  Instead, what Portuguese Water Dogs and a few other hypoallergenic breeds have is what is called a single-coat, which does not shed very much.

Its Origin

The Portuguese Water Dog or Cao de Agua, which means “dog of water,” is native to Portugal.  They worked with Portuguese fishermen for hundreds of years.  They were excellent swimmers so they worked herding and catching fish and retrieved anything that fell in the water, as well as broken nets.  They even carried messages from one ship to another, and guarded the boats when docked in foreign ports.  Eventually, technology slowly replaced the dogs.  By the 1930s, the breed’s population dropped considerably. A breeding program was then started by a Portuguese named Vasco Bensaude, in an attempt to save the breed.  It was a success.

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