Long-haired dogs that Make Heads Turn

photo by Wilson180

If you pride yourself in being unique and if you thrive for attention, why not own dogs that stand out in the crowd? But don’t take them in just for their looks for these dogs are great and loyal pets.

Pulis are highly intelligent; they learn very quickly. The Pulis Roots are traced to Hungary where they were used for rounding up sheep. They are highly spirited; they love fun and bonding with owners. They need experienced owners because they are quite challenging to train.  Pulis have a profuse coat that forms into cords. Pet grooming must be regular even if they are low shedders. Life expectancy is around 16 years.

Shetland Sheepdogs are charming and loyal. Roots are traced to Shetland Islands. They suit most owner types. Their breed is one of the most easy to train. They need healthy doses of attention, otherwise they tend to be destructive. They love to please their owners. Their coat is long and straight; the outer coat is rough but the undercoat is soft. Grooming is minimal.

Sealyham Terriers are stubborn dogs that are quite independent.  Roots are traced to Wales. They can be hard to train and need assertive owners. Early socialization is needed so get them while they are young. They don’t like rough handling so they may not be good for young children.  Their outer coat is wiry, and their undercoat is weather resistant. Though shedding is minimal, the breed still needs numerous brushing during the week and you need to clip the coat regularly. They have a distinct beard with small ears that are folded.

Komondors are large, definitely unsuited for apartment living. Roots are traced to Hungary. They were used to guard sheep. They are independent so they need early socialization to promote an outgoing personality. It may be hard to train them and they may be difficult to control. They live an active lifestyle so keep their life interesting with regular play and exercise. Komondors are unusual looking. They have unique corded coats. They look like walking mops. The Komondors coat needs regular clipping and cleaning.

Lhasa Apsos are a gentle, loyal breed. Roots are traced to Tibet. Life expectancy is 14 years. Though small, they are full of spirit and character. They make good watchdogs, barking by instinct whenever alarmed. Training and housebreaking can be difficult. They dislike being teased and rough handled. They resent boisterous children. Their coat is long and heavy, straight and hard. It needs daily brushing. Check on the ears regularly as they tend to develop infections.