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Beagles have made their way into homes all around the world. They were originally bred to track as well as hunt and they have the ability to do both very well. Although they are great hunters and trackers, they are not always used for this purpose. However, if you have a beagle, don’t be surprised if you see their nose to the dirt as they track a rabbit in the backyard. Continue reading “Beagles”

Cocker Spaniel

photo by The Michael

Known as sporting dogs and hunting dogs, Cocker Spaniels are medium sized with sturdy bodies; the legs are long and round heads. The jaws are square. They have dark round eyes which are almond shaped (eyes are blue with Merles). They have low-set ears, well-feathered and long. Docking tails is practiced but in Europe it’s mostly illegal. Dewclaws may be removed.

Normal height is 15 inches for male and 14 for female. They can weigh between 14-31 pounds. Life can be from 12 to 15 years. The coat is solid colored, usually black (with some tan). Blended colors are also seen like white and black, with-red, or white-buff.
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photo by Soggydan Dan Bennett

The dachshund is an adorable dog with a big heart. They have small long bodies and very short legs. The dachshund is a breed that is well known for the ability to track. They like to be independent thinkers and have the confidence to pull it off. The dachshund also has a smaller version called a miniature dachshund.

An adult dachshund can weigh in on average of 32 pounds and stand about 12 inches tall. The miniature dachshund weighs about 12 pounds as adults and stands around 8 inches on average.

A dachshund could have one of the three different coats; wiry, smooth, or longhaired. The coat can come in many different colors. There is black, mahogany, or dark chocolate. Grooming will depend on what type of fur the dachshund has. A smooth coat will mean minimal grooming. If the coat is longhaired or wiry the dachshund will require grooming on a regular basis.

The eyes of the dachshund are dark and round. The ears are also round in shape and stand up close to the top of the head. Their tail is very narrow and long and tapers off as you reach the end. Continue reading “Dachshund”

Portuguese Water Dog

photo by luvmycrows

Portuguese Water Dogs are considered to be hypoallergenic though they do shed a little.  This dog breed does not have an undercoat that sheds, which is what people with allergies have a problem with.  Instead, what Portuguese Water Dogs and a few other hypoallergenic breeds have is what is called a single-coat, which does not shed very much.

Its Origin

The Portuguese Water Dog or Cao de Agua, which means “dog of water,” is native to Portugal.  They worked with Portuguese fishermen for hundreds of years.  They were excellent swimmers so they worked herding and catching fish and retrieved anything that fell in the water, as well as broken nets.  They even carried messages from one ship to another, and guarded the boats when docked in foreign ports.  Eventually, technology slowly replaced the dogs.  By the 1930s, the breed’s population dropped considerably. A breeding program was then started by a Portuguese named Vasco Bensaude, in an attempt to save the breed.  It was a success.

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