Family Friendly Dogs

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If your family has decided to bring a family friendly dog into your home, this is an exciting decision to make. There are several breeds of dogs to choose from but you want to focus on family friendly dogs if you have young children in the home or if you have young children visiting often. Although all dogs look cute and adorable, you want to make sure that you do not have any conflict between humans and dogs.

Young children tend to poke at dogs and tug on their tails. They may not realize that they are actually hurting the dog. If you have a family friendly dog, it will not bite the child that pokes or tugs at it. It will, however try to get away from the child and usually put its tail down between its legs. This lets you know that it does not want to harm the child it just wants the child to stop. There are some occasions that even the family friendly dog will bite a child in order to get away.

It’s best to work with the child from an early age to teach them that poking and tugging on the dog is not how to communicate with it. Teach it early to pet the head and rub the ears. You can also teach them to play fetch.

Family Friendly Breeds

Here are the most popular family friendly dogs to choose from:

Breed #1: Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever

This breed ranks as the number one family friendly dog breed for several reasons. They are considered good-natured dogs that are very playful and loving. They are also gentle in nature and they are very patient with the children. This breed of dog needs to be around people. They display a very affectionate stature and are very active, especially when they are younger. A retriever needs daily exercise so they can run off their energy that they have. If they are not allowed to run out their energy, they may display some behavioral problems such as tearing up cushions or scattering papers. Golden retrievers have long hair and need brushed every day while Labradors have short hair and can be brushed once a week.

Breed #2: Boxers

Boxers have a reputation of being serious all the time but in reality they are very fun dogs to have around. They love to play in the back yard with the kids and can keep up with every one of them. The boxers are affectionate dogs too so you can always stop playing long enough to love them. When the children are outdoors playing, the boxer may take over the role of guardian to protect everyone. They are very gentle with young children and can tolerate the poking and tugging that young children tend to do. Boxers need to be groomed everyday to maintain their coat. They are so active that they don’t necessarily need humans to play with. Don’t be surprised if you look out your window and your boxer is outside entertaining itself just by running around the yard.

Breed #3: Collie

This family friendly breed of dog is a great addition to a family. They are well known for their loyalty to humans. They are also easy to train and if you get one as a pup, you may want to send it through obedience school in order to have it trained right for your family. The collie is a great protector of children and will stay with them all day long. They do require daily grooming due to their thick coats. The collie also needs plenty of exercise every day.

Breed #4: Yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is a family friendly dog and is small in size dog but it has a big heart when it comes to children. The Yorkie is very loving and affectionate. They enjoy sitting with the owner and cuddling. No one is a stranger and they are especially easy when around children. Yorkies require daily grooming to maintain their coat. They need exercise at least every other day.

Breed #5: Maltese

When it comes to family friendly dogs, you will hear many dog owners bragging about Maltese. They are very good around children. They are loving dogs that are very affectionate. They love to be around children and can stay with them all the time. They can show your child a lot of attention. Because they are so playful indoors, they do not need to be walked on a daily basis. They need to be groomed at least once a week in order to maintain the health of their coat.

Other Popular Family Friendly Breeds

Other dogs that fit into a family friendly category include Papillon, Miniature dachshund, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, and the Beagle.

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