photo by Soggydan Dan Bennett

The dachshund is an adorable dog with a big heart. They have small long bodies and very short legs. The dachshund is a breed that is well known for the ability to track. They like to be independent thinkers and have the confidence to pull it off. The dachshund also has a smaller version called a miniature dachshund.

An adult dachshund can weigh in on average of 32 pounds and stand about 12 inches tall. The miniature dachshund weighs about 12 pounds as adults and stands around 8 inches on average.

A dachshund could have one of the three different coats; wiry, smooth, or longhaired. The coat can come in many different colors. There is black, mahogany, or dark chocolate. Grooming will depend on what type of fur the dachshund has. A smooth coat will mean minimal grooming. If the coat is longhaired or wiry the dachshund will require grooming on a regular basis.

The eyes of the dachshund are dark and round. The ears are also round in shape and stand up close to the top of the head. Their tail is very narrow and long and tapers off as you reach the end.

Training a dachshund may not be easy to do because they are so headstrong. However, you can accomplish housebreaking and one-word commands with patience and time. You will probably not be able to achieve these tasks instantly.

Dachshunds like to be outdoors because of their original hunting intuition. They can become indoor dogs if they are raised from a puppy indoors. They will need a lot of exercise if you decide to keep them indoors. You may want to get them use to a leash as a pup so you can take them to the park or down the street for a walk.

Dachshund’s are more susceptible to certain health complications such as spinal problems, ear infections, arthritis, and canine diabetes. They are also more susceptible to weight gain if they do not have enough daily exercise.

Dachshunds are great companions for almost any age. They are tolerable of young children and they love family life. If you get a dachshund after it is grown, you need to give it time to adapt to their new home. If they were never around children and you have children, you will need to give them time to adjust. Dachshunds have an adaptable personality, which makes them easy to fit into almost any type of home life.

The life expectancy for a dachshund is 12 to 15 years.

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