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Beagles have made their way into homes all around the world. They were originally bred to track as well as hunt and they have the ability to do both very well. Although they are great hunters and trackers, they are not always used for this purpose. However, if you have a beagle, don’t be surprised if you see their nose to the dirt as they track a rabbit in the backyard.

A beagle can with around 23 to 25 pounds. They are somewhat shorter then the average dog; they only reach on average, 10 inches tall. The beagle has a short coat with spots that are black and tan, orange and white, red and white or lemon and white. It’s not unusual to see a beagle with several different colors on them.

The eyes of a beagle are brown but don’t be surprised if these adorable pooches have hazel eyes. The ears droop down about midway to their cheeks. The tail is thick and grows thin toward the end. Sometimes the beagle will curl the tail up over their back, especially if they are hunting and tracking.

Beagles make great companions and they can get along well with fellow canines. If you have them out in groups with other dogs don’t be surprised if they do not want to listen to you. Make sure you can communicate with them even when they are around other dogs.

Beagles are determined and independent thinkers so it’s going to be a challenge to train them but you can do it with some patience. Enroll them in an obedience class to help learn how to train them. If you can get them as pups, it will be easier to train but you can work with any age and still be successful.

Beagles need a lot of exercise because they are use to hunting so if you keep them indoors, you will need to take them out one or two times each day. If you have them outdoors all the time, go out and play fetch and wrestle with them. Let them know that you love them.

Beagles can sometimes develop health complications. The most common complications for beagles are arthritis, hypothyroidism, cataracts, and canine glaucoma; all which usually develop as they get older. It’s important to have them checked by a vet as soon as you get it and on a regular basis thereafter.

The average life expectancy of a beagle is 13-15 years.

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